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Piano, Guitar,Voice


     LEE WALDROUP has received degrees, certificates/training in various methods of educational philosophies such as the Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and the Paraxial pedagogies. He believes that all aspects of artistry training needs are to be addressed with each student in an engaging, inspiring and meaningful way; in a way that provides the student with a practical, clear and concise gateway into the wonderful medium of sound. Along this journey the scholar is to be gifted the ability to hear, read and speak the language of music. As an educator this is his core philosophy on how this art should be apprenticed.

     Mr. Lee have over twenty years of both institutional and non-institutional training. This experience includes working in the classical, jazz, blues, country-western, R n B, soul, fusion, and modern traditions of music and music pedagogies. He also have experience in various types of world music of eastern Asian and northern European music. It is his sincere passion to pass this gained wisdom to any scholar that is seeking.