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Mr. Jalen

Drums, Marching Percussion

    JALEN RYANT was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He started playing drums at the age of 3. Mr. Jalen attended Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology performing in the marching and jazz bands for 4 years, playing the marching cymbals, snare drum, and a drum set.

For one semester he has attended Johnson C.Smith University, marching one season on marching snare drum.

    Jalen graduated from South Carolina State University earning degree in Mass Communication. While working on his degree, Mr. Jalen was involved with Marching band for 3 years, playing the marching snare drum, and Jazz band for 2 years - on a drum set. 

  Jalen has played drum set for churches across North and South Carolina and for the RESET Youth Camp in Talladega, Alabama.