Ms. Valeriya

Chair of Piano & Strings

Violin, Music Theory, Group Piano

     VALERIYA KANAEVA is a Russian pianist/violinist originally from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She began her musical education when she was four years old. While studying music at the Art and Music School, Valeriya participated in many musical festivals held in Dushanbe and won several first place awards.

        In 2006, Ms. Kanaeva began working on Bachelor in Piano Performance (Violin as a minor, with Prof. Larisa Elisha) at Washburn University (Topeka, KS) with Prof. James Rivers, Julliard graduate. As a violin player, Valeriya was an active member of the Washburn Symphony and String Orchestra. In 2011 she performed the Grieg piano concerto with the Washburn Symphony Orchestra as a winner of the Concerto/Aria Competition. In March of 2011, she was chosen by the faculty to appear on the annual student Honors Concert. Throughout her undergraduate studies Valeriya was actively involved in WU music department events as a pianist, violinist and conductor.

In May 2015 she received the Licensure in Music Education from Washburn University.

         August 2017-2018 Valeriya served as a Piano Coordinator for the Southern Illinois University  Outreach Program. She taught both piano and violin private lessons and started two group piano classes for Beginners: Adults and Young Students. Her piano students received first superior ratings at the festivals.

         In Spring 2018 Valeriya served as a string judge to a NFMC and local MTNA chapter festivals, which took place at Southern Illinois University.

        At SIU she was actively involved with Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra.Valeriya is currently working on her Master's degree in Piano Pedagogy.